I just came across this post. Very inspiring! I am going to be more proactive in living for my dreams! If you need a boost check out Jeff Moore’s blog! He shares a lot of inspirational and motivational ideas! Love it!

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Live your dreams!

What’s more important to you? Approval or your dreams? We will all reach a point in our lives where our dreams might not line up with the approval of others. The turning point is: What do you do next? Do you talk yourself out of it, tell yourself it’s not that important, think everyone else around you knows whats best and decide to play it safe and small. Or do you recognize that the approval from others has little to do with you and more to do with them. You can do little if anything, to keep the approval from others coming in.

Take chances, live your dream life and have peace with the fact that many more will admire you for your ability to make a big decision! Have greater peace in knowing that by following your heart you are making the transition from existing to…

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