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I have not been very “Consistently Persistent” lately.  In fact I have fallen off the wagon over the past couple of months.  I was so inspired when I started this blog and I was even more inspired when I built and started pitching my website (www.OurHealthyVillage.com …Check it out! 😉 ) back in March.  I thought I would be an automatic success and I would be able to blog about it, maybe write a book and do some talks and help others achieve their goals… And then I realized delays and set backs.  I basically ran out of money to live off of while I was getting my website out there.  As a result I have had to put things on the back burner and work towards other aims just to get by….

But “this morning I woke up feeling brand new, I jumped up, feeling my highs and my lows, in my soul and my goals…”  I love Talib Kweli!

I started the day off with a quick meditation and took a walk.  While I walked I was listening to a Seth Godin podcast and Tom Ziglar, Zig Ziglar’s son, was being interviewed.  If you have never heard any of Zig Ziglar’s talks, I highly recommend that you check him out, especially if you are a fellow entrepreneur.  Very motivational.  Anyhow, so Tom Ziglar mentioned an idea of his dad’s which was the idea of being consistently persistent.  I looked inward and asked myself if I was truly being consistently persistent.  Just the fact that I haven’t written a blog in months answers that question.  So here I am, giving it another shot.

The best part of where I am sitting right now is the fact that I have experienced a great set back and a huge disappointment after spending so much time talking myself and my ideas for the website up to where I thought it was going to be too easy.  It has been a good reality check, but at the same time, to tell myself that I won’t back down, that I want to make this work, that I AM going to make this work… I am going to work towards being consistently persistent and success will just follow!

Thanks for reading and have a great day! 🙂

The Jump Off!


Have you ever had that feeling in your chest…that feeling of uncertainty…that feeling of uncertainty of whether or not you are going to be able to take another breath?  In my mind there suddenly is nothing surrounding me.  My environment falls silent and still.  It’s not anxiety necessarily.  It’s this deep level of excitement!  It’s this energy in my chest, in my heart, that makes me feel very expansive!  I’ve heard people describe “living in bliss” in this way!  Once I slow down enough to realize what I am really experiencing, it makes me that much more excited!… Am I using too many exclamation points?!  I am using too many exclamation points!… It just dawned on me that this is the Jump Off!

After years of talking a very convincing game, testing out the entrepreneurial waters and failing a couple of times, I believe I have finally found my rhythm.  After years of studying, planning and plotting…After countless Business and Marketing Strategy Plans…After resting in a contemplative state for at least 20 minutes a day trying to devise that master plan to create a particular type of life for myself and my loved ones, all while serving others…I sit here, at my laptop experiencing the most unreal outer body experience!  Cloud nine, for real!… I finally committed to the Jump Off!

I launched my website and let it be known to the beautiful people of the ethers tonight!  I am elated because at this point there is no turning back.  I have more than just my mom and my brother to answer to.  They’ve heard the spiel so many times, I literally have to start bringing in some serious money before they will believe me.  Which is fine.  I totally get it… But this time is different!  I built this website and today I was going door to door selling my idea.  This time I am more than just all talk!  How frightening it is to realize that!  What an amazing feeling!  Now, don’t get me wrong…it took all those years studying and planning and figuring out how to talk a decent game (which I am still working on!).  It was all in preparation for the right place, at the right time.  So here it is, the beginning of an amazing trip!  I finally caught my breath and I am feeling more comfortable with the spinning of the room!  I am so thankful to finally be at the Jump Off!

So please share your positive vibes, if you don’t mind…

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So here’s to you and me and the success of our future endeavors as we so bravely step up to the Jump Off!

Homeless…In a BMW


I walk through this beautiful park in my neighborhood everyday on my way to the gym.  It’s set in suburbia land amongst grand victorian homes and new custom homes that range from $500,000-$800,000. The town is a little gem in the Inland Empire of Southern California, populated by some of the highly esteemed Doctors, Lawyers, and Entrepreneurs in the region.  It is very unusual to find a vagrant roaming the streets.  I grew up in this quaint town, and although my family certainly wasn’t anywhere near the upper echelon, I did attend high school with kids who drove raised trucks, supped up Camaros and sporty BMWs…

As I walked through this exceptionally manicured park I noticed a BMW SUV in the parking lot, jam packed full of boxes and luggage.  Initially I didn’t think much of it.  The first thought that crossed my mind was that these people were on a camping trip.  I didn’t consider any other explanation, even though the park does not have any sort of camp site area, I mean come on…It’s a BMW!

A week later I saw the same SUV in the parking lot.  I walked slowly past (unseen by the occupants, at a bit of a distance) and really investigated what was going on just because I was perplexed.  A young family emerged from the very tightly packed car.  A father got out and grabbed a stroller and then went to the backseat to grab his little one out of the car.  The mother opened up the back hatch and started pulling boxes out in search of something.  It then dawned on me this wasn’t a family going on a family camping trip, nor were they just moving into town, being that their car was in the same condition a week later.

It suddenly struck me that none of us are immune to the prospect of falling to such a horrible fate.  It has been said that most all Americans are one illness away from bankruptcy.  I may have misinterpreted the situation but it made me think about thinking twice the next time I see a homeless person or the next time I am asked for money.  I am going to make a point to give whenever I am asked because many of us aimlessly blow $5 here $10 there and to a person down on their luck that $10 means the world to them.  It means no longer worrying about how to get that next meal, and my problems aren’t nearly that bad.

I feel we really need to make a shift in our awareness and recognize how important it is to look after our fellow man.  Not every homeless person is a junky, clouded by a lifetime of bad decisions and if this family is in fact homeless, living in a BMW, they are a testament that sometimes bad things happen to people who at one point had the ambition to at least be in the position to purchase a BMW.  Just another reason why we need to work on building that healthy village together!  Let’s stand up for each other!  Let’s brainstorm together on how to fight this growing epidemic of extensive unemployment, homelessness and disconnect form community!  This is my “call to action” because there are far too many beautiful minds out there, wasting away worrying about where they are going to sleep and how they are going to get there next meal.